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Current RAs

Buffer Team: The Buffer Team examines how the directional structure of stereotypes can "buffer" perceivers from receiving the benefits of counter-stereotypic information. They are also helping to lay the groundwork for a study on social roles and role enforcement.


Change Team: The Change Team is working on a project to demonstrate how considering the structure of a stereotype can better inform intervention efforts against it. They are also helping to lay the groundwork for my dissertation, which will explore relationships between stereotyping and affective prejudice/evaluation.


Deprejudice Team: The Deprejudice Team is working with the Hyde Lab and Abramson lab on a large longitudinal project studying the effects of stereotyping and prejudice on depression, testing hypothesis generated by the integrated perspective on prejudice and depression (Cox et al., 2012). They are also working on the groundwork for a meta-analysis on depression.