Thesis Students

Abigail Staples 2017-2018
"A Media Content Analysis and Experiment Evaluating Fat-Shaming Internet Memes and Their Influence on Perceptions of Workplace Harassment
Recipient of Hilldale Research Excellence Award

Peter Schuetz 2016-2017
"Black Male Defendants and the Black–Criminal Stereotype: The Effects of Stereotype Accuracy Discourse on Jury Perceptions and Verdicts"
Recipient of Hilldale Research Excellence Award

Alyssa Bischmann 2013-2014
"Dispelling The Gaydar Myth: Lesbian and Straight women's faces are not visibly distinct"

Amy Petermann 2013
"Maintaining Relationships in the Face of Threatening Information"

Nick Graetz 2012-2013
“Prejudice as a political tool: Appealing to internal prejudice while avoiding societal sanctions”

Adam Beaupre 2012
“Different Types of Cross-Group Friendship: The Moderating Effect of Acculturation on the Reduction of Intergroup Anxiety Through Cross-Group Friendships”

Matt Phillippi 2011-2013
“Prejudice, Anger, and the Brain: Exploring the Neural Correlates of Aggression”
Recipient of Hilldale Research Excellence Award

Megan Nelli 2011-2012
“Intergroup Power Dynamics and Pornography”

Mark Resnick 2011
“Race and Leadership on the International Stage”

Kristen Merkitch 2010-2011
“Relational Aspects of Social Exclusion”

Esther Tebbe 2008-2010
“Prejudice towards Transgender Individuals”